Peaceful Table

~From Garden to Table~


Our Activities

Grow Organic Vegetables 

Cook them simply

Create the time to people to get together

That's the only things Peaceful Table do.

Peaceful Table

     Director.Ryosuke Takahashi 


Organic, Circulation Farm

Not How to Earn

Think How to Live


We choose Organic and Circulative Farming 

 Also human sociaty would be more beautiful and atractive, if many kinds of people, cultures and some mores are coexisting together in harmony. It is my ideal farming.

Farming is not only making foods, also make grounds and water clean, adjusts animal organization that has been disarrayed by chemical fertilizer and pesticides to the natural position.

I would like to express that you live together with many kinds of things.

Garden School

Vege Express


Please waite a moment.

We are in a preparation.

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 Plant Vegees, Cultivate, and Eat them.


You can call Chef anywhere and enjoy Japanese and Italian dishes, of cource you can have plenty of fresh organic vegees.

Mobile Chef


Director.Ryosuke Takahashi


This is Ryosuke Takahashi, Director of the group "Peaceful Table".

This is the group that is serching answers to this  sociaty. Food industry have the common sense of

  Mass Production 

  Mass Consumption 

  Mass Discard

(Although 6.5 million tons of foods you can even eat has discard, Japan's food self-sufficiency rate is only 37%.)

As you know this group is doing some part of activities, like Farming, Cooking, and Schooling.

I think, the word ORGANIC means not only the technic of ecological farming, it is the word how to enjoy your lives wealthy that is begins with acception of the divercity.

Enjoy. You live once.